Wall Street

Practical stock market advice from 5 grannies!

Wall Street Grannies
Jackie Seidman, Marjorie Carter, Sorona Johnson, Helen Soon, and Marie Craner are life-long friends, mothers, grandmothers, and professional stock market investors. They are the Wall Street Grannies!

They started investing together in 1992 and are still at it today, over 20 years later. Without one dollar of advertising, the Grannies built a word-of-mouth following of over 400 stock market investors. In 2013, the Grannies decided to launch a web site and make their stock market advice open to the public.


You get straight-forward practical stock market advice. No games, no smoke-and-mirrors, no gimmicks. Just plain old-fashioned stock market advice your grandmother would give you. Now, for the first time, you can trade with the Wall Street Grannies!



“Our trades produced a  
so far in 2013!”

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